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About Greek Sandals - Handmade Leather Sandals

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greek handmade leather sandals bags

The owners of the firm “PAGONIS” specialize in the art of making leather goods and have been involved in this business, working on the island of Naxos since 1940. The first generation of the family learnt the secrets of leather and shoemaking from their uncles Andrea and Manoli Diasiti, who had a shoemaking workshop in the previous century.

In 1940 the three brothers of the Pagonis family made their own workshop, supplying the Naxos market with handmade shoes, whose notable characteristics were their innovative designs and their unrivalled quality.

In 1950 the family business moved to Athens where a modern shoe and leather goods factory was opened with the name of “ PAGONIS” Bros. The products were on sale in well known Athens shops.

In 1982 the name “PAGONIS” reappeared in Naxos, it’s owners running a successful business with two retail shoe and leather goods shops and a workshop. This new page in the history of the company was initiated by Kostas S. Pagonis, who belong to the second generation of the family.

Throughout the process of the family business from their early school years the children of the family EYA & STELIOS are involved in continuing the tradition of the business, after their studies (Accounting & Graphic Design) dealing exclusively with business.
The third generation with knowledge and continuously updated based on the quality of products continue to buy and produce from the best known factories in Greece, excellent quality products crafted in the traditional manner.

Our goal is to preserve the Greek production and promotion the Greek products. Today, except the 2 two retail stores in Naxos Town you can view and purchase products within in our e-shop  a full product search with human communication that characterize us.

Our efforts over all these years have been with the aim of continuing the worthy traditions and with the emphasis on maintaining the quality of our products, on offering a wide choice, competitive prices and a personal service. Now, at the beginning of another new century, we have new ideas but also a strong basis from which to keep progressing, aiming always for better promotion, in Greece and worldwide, of the craft which we love and it’s products.

Kostas. S. Pagonis

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greek handmade leather sandals bags greek handmade leather sandals bags